What Child Sexual Abuse Is/Is Not
What Is Child Sexual Abuse...
(Also Referred to as CSA)

At SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc., we believe that anytime an adult (or even an older child) does anything to a child or in front of a
child for their own sexual pleasure, this is Child Sexual Abuse.  Children are not here for anyone's sexual pleasure. They are just that...Children.
Sexual Predators of children violate the child's body and mind...they rob the child of their innocence.  Understand that the Sexually Abused Child is
always innocent...
it is never the child's fault, regardless of their age.

Definition of Child Sexual Abuse...

"The sexual and emotional violation of a child by an adult, through verbal, visual or physical acts,
abusing the relationship of power and authority that adults have over children."

(IFSHA @ www.ifsha.org/glossary.htm)
Forms Of Child Sexual Abuse....
Sexual Assault...

  • Touching a child’s genitals (penis, testicles, vulva, breast or anus) for sexual pleasure or any other unnecessary reason

  • Making a child touch someone else’s genitals

  • Playing sexual games with a child such as "pants down" games

  • Putting any object or body parts (like fingers, tongue or penis) inside the vagina, in the mouth or in the anus of a child for sexual pleasure or any other
    unnecessary reason

  • Exposing a person’s genitals to a child

  • Encouraging a child to watch or hear sexual acts either in person, on TV or on video

  • Sexual Acts with animals in front of a child or by forcing the child to participate in such acts

  • Watching a child undress or use the bathroom, often without the child’s knowledge (AKA Peeping Tom)

Sexual Exploitation...

  • Showing pornography to a child

  • Photographing or video taping a child in sexual poses

  • Child Prostitution
Who Is In Authority Over A Child...
The definition of a Child varies depending on who you may be talking to and in fact, seems to be somewhat of a controversial issue.  Some consider a child up to 13
years of age, while others consider a child up to 17 or 18 years of age.  Still others say that determining if a minor is considered a child depends on the maturity of the
minor and that it varies.
At SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc., we
believe a child is a child from Birth until which time
they turn 18 years old.
 The Point... No one has the
same decision-making skills, knowledge or abilities
at age 20 as they do or will at age 40.  And no "Child"
has the same decision-making skills, knowledge or
abilities as they do or will even at age 20.
This lack of decision-making skills, knowledge and abilities of a "Child"
is what Sexual Predators take advantage of.
Sexual Abusers of Children are those who abuse the relationship of Power & AUTHORITY that they, as Adults, have over Children.

So Who is in Authority of a Child?

  • Mothers
  • Fathers
  • Older Siblings
  • Aunts
  • Uncles
  • Grandparents
  • School Teachers
  • Daycare Workers
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Pastors
  • Babysitters
  • Coaches (Sports)
  • Extra Curricular Instructors (Dance Instructors, Camp Guides, etc…)
  • Child’s Friends Parents
  • Adult Friends of Child’s Parents (aka “Friend of the family”)
  • Physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Judges
  • Etc...

The Answer...

Our Definition Of A Child...
What Child Sexual Abuse IS NOT...
Children need love...the appropriate and healthy kind of love.  It is very important to not go to the extreme where normal things are denied your child
in an effort to be so careful as to not handle them inappropriately.  Our goal is to educate you on this crime so that you can educate your child and others.  Ultimately,
we want to equip you and your child with what you need to know in order for them to be safe.
It is okay. & necessary to perform normal parental duties such as showing affection &
teaching your little ones about personal hygiene, at the age appropriate level. SpeakingOut
is fighting against the Sexual Abuse of children. It is not our intent to raise panic; rather to
Raise Awareness in an effort to aid in the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.
So what is Okay?

  • Hugging your child
  • Bathing your infant/toddler
  • Teaching your toddler about hygiene
  • Tucking your child in bed
  • Allowing your child to sit in your lap
Note:  There are exceptions to this, depending on parent preference, things that may be going on with the child, etc...  In these cases, parents should communicate this
to all who need to know, such as family members, friends, neighbors, caregivers, teachers, etc...
"The World is a dangerous place to live,
not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people
who don't do anything about it..."

Albert Einstein
America... A Safe Place for Children!
Overview Of Child Sexual Abuse...
Rape, Incest, Molestation and/or Sexual Exploitation of Children.
Additional Information...

Cult Abuse...
  • Religious
  • Other

Human Trafficking...
  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity.  It involves an act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harbouring or receiving a person using force, coercion or
other means for the purpose of exploiting them.  Every year, thousands of men, women and
children fall into the hands of traffickers in their own countries and
abroad.  Every country in the world is affected by trafficking, whether as a country of  
origin, transit or destination for victims.

Exploitation may include prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery.

The Human Trafficking of Children is an
International & Domestic issue & crime!

The Internet...
  • Sexual Predators preying on children through the Internet
    (i.e.  Face Book, MySpace & other Social Networking Sites)

  • Pedophiles Networking through the Internet
    -NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association)
    -Instructions on how to seduce a child
    -Instructions on how to molest a child depending on their gender & age... literally the objects to use on the child)  

  • Child Pornography - A Huge Market
    -Not only amongst Pedophiles & Child Molesters, but multitudes of other adults as well that may not have acted on this.

  • Teens actively participating in sending & receiving sexually explicit text images of themselves & others
    Teens... This is considered a Crime for anyone under 18 years of age.  By doing this, you are distributing "pornography".  Again, that is a Crime.

  • Sexual Predators sending sexually explicit text messages directly to children’s cell phones
    - Sending to Random #s trying to reach children's cell phones
    - At times, obtaining cell #s directly from the Teens themselves
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