Truth & Reality of Child Sexual Abuse
Common 1st Reactions to the Topic of Child Sexual Abuse...
According to Lori Hearn, M.S. of Ebenezer Counseling @

"Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) wounds the soul of a developing child."
A Child's Soul...
Message To All Adults...
Child Sexual Abuse is REAL.  Statistics show this & each statistic represents a REAL Child.
Start talking to people about this crime; you will be shocked at the number of people who were sexually abused as children.

Child Sexual Abuse is
our Problem & Responsibility.  We are the Adults!
They are… Trusting, Easily Influenced, Easily Silenced, Vulnerable, Helpless Children of all ages.
Hidden Epidemic...
MASA (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse) @ states that Child Sexual Abuse is

"The Greatest Hidden Epidemic in America"
"I Don’t Want to Talk about "It"
"I Don’t Even Want to Think About ‘It".

Consider This…  Children who are robbed of their innocence in this horrific way
have no choice but to think about it, and in most cases will not tell anyone.
These Children Suffer Alone!

“That will never happen to my child…
I always know where my child is & who they are with.”

Unfortunately, Child Sexual Abuse can happen Anywhere, Anytime, to Any Child!
And the majority of Parents whose children are sexually abused also knew where their child was & who they were with.
Please keep in mind that 95% of Children who are Sexually Abused know their Abuser, and in many cases, loves and trusts that person.  

“Anyone who sexually abuses a child is a "monster".
I would know if I saw one.”

This statement is simply not true.  Most Child Molesters look just like you & I, for the most part.
Many are Married (or previously Married), Educated & Working Individuals.
Far too many even consider themselves Religious.  Be sure to click on "Sexual Abusers" for more information.

“All we can do is pray for these children and their families.”

There is definitely nothing like the Power of Prayer.  But that is not all we can do.
We must do all we can to aid in the Prevention of this crime.
It is our belief that there are times when God calls us to action; especially when it comes to helping children.

“Sexually Abusing a child is a crime.
There are systems out there that handle this kind of thing.”

Law Enforcement & the Legal/Court System are both very limited in what they can do about Child Sexual Abuse
until after an allegation has been made.  At that point, the Child has already been violated!
We need to do a much better job of preventing this crime.
"The World is a dangerous place to live,
not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people
who don't do anything about it..."

Albert Einstein
America... A Safe Place for Children!
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"A Safe Place"

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It's Bad Enough Children are Violated...
At SpeakingOut, we believe that Child Sexual Abuse is the source, or at a minimum, a contributing factor to many other
issues going on in our society today, including but not limited to...

Suicide (Teens & Adults)
Prostitution (Teen & Adult)
Drug & Alcohol Addictions
Self Injury
Eating Disorders

  • A large % of Children who are being violated will remain silent about their abuse.

  • For the Children who do disclose, many are not being believed by their loves ones or others.

  • Only a small % of Child Sexual Abuse cases are ever reported.
  • And the majority of reported cases will never see a courtroom.

  • Far too many cases of Child Sexual Abuse wind up in Family Court; rather than Criminal Court.  Child Sexual Abuse (Rape, Molestation, Incest & Exploitation) is
    NOT a family matter… It is a Crime!

  • In far too many cases, the Reporting (Non-Offending) Parent is persecuted and in some cases prosecuted for speaking up and trying to protect their child.  

  • More often than anyone would like to believe, Children are being taken from the Reporting (Non-Offending) Parent and custody is being given to the Abusive

  • Many, Many times, the Abuser is protected and the child continues to suffer.  This leaves the Child in the position where they may be violated repeatedly;
    sometimes over the course of many years.

  • It is estimated that 95% of Children who are sexually abused know the person abusing them, and in far too many cases, loves and trusts that person.

  • The majority of those who violate innocent children tend to average multiple Child Victims.

  • Justice May Never Come for the Child who has been sexually abused.

  • First and Foremost, the most innocent of all Victims… Children… are Suffering!  

               Every One Child Matters… What if that One Child were YOUR Child?

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What Every Parent
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Dateline's Focus on Stranger Safety
Applies to Only 7% of Child Sex Offenders
(April 16, 2012 Press Release)

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"10 Tips for Keeping Children Safe from Predators"
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