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"A Safe Place"

Crash Course on the Crime
of Child Sexual Abuse
[Awareness & Prevention]

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What Others Are Saying...
Survivors are SpeakingOut
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"Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) wounds the soul of a developing child."  ~Lori Hearn, M.S., Ebenezer Counseling, Knoxville, TN

listen to a child who may be in danger.” ~Kate, Serenity Shelter Client, a Program of KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries) Knoxville, TN (December 2012)

“Listen to your children.  Investigate.  Don’t put your children in bad situations.  If you can’t raise your children in a safe environment, give them to someone who can.”
~Robin H., Serenity Shelter Client, a Program of KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries) Knoxville, TN (December 2012)

“Put children the first thing you take care of, feed them, put clothes on them, give them a place to live.  But #1, protect the children of the world.  Children are our future.  
Love the children of the world.  Let each child be a child.  They grow up fast enough.  Keep their innocence as long as possible.  The ability to know of the world is at
their door.  Keep the safety of all children upper most in your mind.  This is where a child decides who or where safety is.  When there isn’t, they will find a place/person,
but this may not be safe.  Report any and all suspicion of child abuse/neglect that you know or actually see.  It just may be your child, brother, cousin, nephew, niece, or
a child without someone who needs protection.”
 ~Betty, Serenity Shelter Client, a Program of KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries) Knoxville, TN (December 2012)

“When I first started the class, I thought it sucked.  But as I began to listen, I realized that this stuff (abuse) happens more often than I thought.  And I want to be aware
and know how to handle it.  And I am willing to learn more.  Thank you.”
~Tina B., Serenity Shelter Client, a Program of KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries) Knoxville,
TN (December 2012)

“This class was helpful in the way that I thought I could teach my daughter about abuse, but through this class realized I needed to know more on this matter.  This
class has helped me to more effectively know how to go to my daughter to teach her how to be more safe and aware.”
~Jennifer F., Serenity Shelter Client, a Program
of KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries) Knoxville, TN (December 2012)

“She (Susan Suafoa-Dinino) was very brave to have come and told her story and able to help others.” ~Kathy, Serenity Shelter Client, a Program of KARM (Knox Area
Rescue Ministries) Knoxville, TN (December 2012)

“It is very good that Susan Suafoa-Dinino took out her time to teach this class.” ~LaTerria, Serenity Shelter Client, a Program of KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries)
Knoxville, TN (December 2012)

“SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. has recently partnered with Knox Area Rescue Ministries’ Serenity Shelter.  Serenity Shelter is a program that provides
restoration and recovery to women with various life struggles.  SpeakingOut’s President, Susan Suafoa-Dinino is providing a weekly group session with the ladies of
Serenity to educate and inform regarding the facts and myths surrounding Child Sexual Abuse and to process some of the personal struggles faced by some of the
women at Serenity surrounding sexual abuse.  The ladies of Serenity have welcomed Susan into their home and their lives and are eager and willing to learn.”  
~Barbara Davis, Program Director, Serenity Shelter (In Reference to SpeakingOut Class / Group Sessions at Serenity Shelter; Sessions from August 10, 2012 -
December December 14, 2012; see Past Events/Workshops for more information) Knoxville, TN

“Thank you, Susan, for your kind and compassionate approach to addressing childhood trauma.  Your honest,  straight forward approach allowed many participants in
our program to break their bondage to secrecy as they revealed painful life experiences with each other.  At the end of our four week program, many individuals stated
your conversation with them made a lasting impact on their lives.  I look forward to your continued participation with our program.”  
~Clark Stevens, Ph.D., LaunchPoint
Director, Knox Area Rescue Ministries (In Reference to August 9, 2012 Presentation from SpeakingOut to LaunchPoint program participants; see Past
Events/Workshops for more information) Knoxville, TN

"It's not something I wanted to think about.  I also didn't know how to talk to my child about sexual abuse.  I wasn't even sure if I should.  The workshop helped me
realize that I had to not only think about it, but that I had to talk in understandable terms.  We talked about our bodies, our boundaries, and came up with a plan to follow.  
Awareness requires that we acknowledge the potential and then provide the education we hope is never needed.  The SpeakingOut workshop helped us all to come to
terms with that.  Thank you Susan.  What you said in the workshop gave me the motivation to take the leap and have the talk."   
~Pamela Weston (Participant of 1/26/12
Open Doors Loudon County Special Needs Support Group Meeting) Lenoir City, TN (Topic of Discussion:  America...A Safe Place for Children - Child Sexual Abuse
Awareness & Prevention)   

"Susan, I didn't know what to expect going into your program, but hearing you speak brought to me a new sense of awareness.  Your program touched me.  Children
can be exposed to sexual abuse no matter how much we try to protect them, but by knowing  how to keep our kids safe, as you so clearly presented, and signs they may
show if they are exposed, gives us knowledge to keep our kids safer.  You kept my attention all the way through your program. You are an excellent speaker.  
(Participant of 1/26/12 Open Doors Loudon County Special Needs Support Group Meeting) Lenoir City, TN (Topic of Discussion:  America...A Safe Place for
Children - Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention)   

"Of all the things we try to control for our children, this has to be the most important."  ~Bill Carrejo

"It’s difficult to believe any society could regard children as such a precious resource, yet treat them so cruelly.  That’s how I felt after meeting Susan and learning how
often child abuse happens in today’s society – right here in America and across the globe.  Children are being abused daily, and much of that abuse is child sexual
abuse.  The effects of child sexual abuse may include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, propensity to further victimization in adulthood, and physical
injury to the child, among other problems.  Are these the “seeds of the character of future society” we should be planting?  It’s time to speak up for those who can’t
speak for themselves."  
~Tom Shope, Oak Ridge, TN

"Susan, I think you do a super job of presenting and documenting information on child sexual abuse.  You present things in a very factual and balanced way and yet
your passion for the topic and the children who are victimized comes through very clearly.  You are an excellent speaker and you handle questions/comments very
diplomatically.  Thanks for doing the classes for ORICL."
 ~Bob Smallridge, Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Learning Member (ORICL Class 602, Child Sexual
Abuse Awareness & Prevention, Summer 2011 Semester, Roane State Community College) Oak Ridge, TN

"When I first received your e-newsletter, I was numb for a few weeks because the feelings, memories, and actual acts of the child abuse that I suffered were all of a
sudden surfacing in ways that had been ignored or camouflaged.  For the first time in over 20 years, I was able to finally release, cry, be angry, feel worthless, then find
strength, love, and peace in the person God created me to be…me.  Since finding that strength, love, and peace I was able to forgive and move forward.  It allowed my
dreams to become alive: to see the weak strong: mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.  It’s services like SpeakingOut that will act as a catalyst for others to
 ~Sherra Robinson (Knoxville, TN) June 2011

"This program was one of the best programs that we ever had on Re-Entry Radio.  This was an extremely serious and important subject in these times and Susan
Suafoa-Dinino and her terrific guests covered every possible area, from being informative on the counseling aspects of child abuse to showing the victim's viewpoint.  
Ms. Suafoa-Dinino is obviously a compassionate expert on CHILD ABUSE and should be recognized accordingly.  I look forward to having her as a special guest on the
program again as she has much to offer everyone, regardless of their motivation, on speaking out against child sexual abuse.”
 ~Michael Wynne, Host, 6/1/11 Radio
Re-Entry Radio Program, KAYT-FM, 88.1, Alexandria, LA (Topic of Discussion: The Crime of Child Sexual Abuse from the Child Victim's Perspective)

“I was raped at age five and therefore, know firsthand the devastating effects of child sexual abuse.  Although I have gone from sexual abuse survivor to Thriver, I don’t
want anyone to go through what I did.  If I can help prevent this from happening to one person, then all my suffering will have been worth it.  I admire Susan greatly for
starting SpeakingOut.  I am impressed with her professionalism and dedication.”  
~Helen Wix, Divine Splendor Coaching, Owner, Oak Ridge, TN

"Today was a very nice "Christmas present" of sorts!  Susan Suafoa-Dinino, the National Director of "SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc." came all the way
down from "cold" Oak Ridge Tennessee just to be on our own DOC "Re-Entry Radio" program.  Her special visit here was even featured in a brief Alexandria Town Talk
article, as well as in that organization's journal.  Susan gave a TERRIFIC talk on the program today.  I thought that I pretty much knew a lot about child sexual abuse, but
she covered several issues that were new and useful to me to know.  She had so much more to say on child sexual abuse, that she plans to return and we will
schedule her to be on "Re-Entry Radio" again.  Susan, it was a great honor and pleasure to meet you.  I know of no one more knowledgeable or energized to talk on this
critically important subject as you.
 ~Michael Wynne, Probation & Parole Supervisor and Co-Host, 12/22/10 Re-Entry Radio Program, KAYT-FM, 88.1, Alexandria, LA
(Topic of Discussion: Overview on the Crime of Child Sexual Abuse)

"I think sometimes child sexual abuse is the 'elephant in the room'.  We all know it's there, but everyone avoids talking about it.  Everyone but Susan Suafoa-Dinino,
founder of SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.  Her personal drive and determination for this crusade is nothing like I have ever seen before.  She totally
throws herself into this cause, trying to bring child sexual abuse out from the darkness and into the light.  No child should ever have to deal with the 'elephant in the
room' (child sexual abuse), and with the help of Susan and SpeakingOut, I hope and pray that they never will."
 ~Kathy Ely, Knoxville, TN

"In October 2010, Susan came to speak at our annual Nursing In-service for about 100 RN's.  The topic on childhood sexual abuse had been requested several times
and our committee was very impressed with SpeakingOut's website.  Susan's presentation received many positive comments including; "really enjoyed, one of the best
in-services, would definitely recommend this speaker to others, well prepared and very knowledgeable".  The content was delivered in a manner that not only provided
detailed statistics and education, but also compassion and awareness that this topic needs.  Anyone working in the medical field should attend.  It has given us the
ability to not be afraid to ask questions and properly refer anyone that has been affected by this horrible crime. The brochures and posters available on the website are
great resources that we plan to have available in our clinics."
 ~Michele Weatherbie, East Tennessee Regional Health Dept., Chair of Nursing In-Service Committee
(10/15/10 Nursing In-Service, Knoxville, TN)

On September 25, I attended the SpeakingOut Against Child Sexual Abuse Workshop and gained more insight on child sexual abuse.  When we look at the whole
picture of human trafficking, it is necessary to consider all the factors that contribute to this growing industry so that we can build more efforts to prevent its growth.  
Attending this workshop opened my eyes to more facts about how child sexual abuse affects the human trafficking industry.  Susan Suafoa-Dinino taught the workshop
and shared a wealth of statistics and details about child sexual abuse.  I knew sexual abuse is prevalent in our culture but the more she shared about these crimes,
the more determined I became to understand how much it affects the human trafficking industry.  
~Christi Wigle, Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking,
President (9/25/10 Workshop, Oak Ridge, TN) - Be sure to click on Resources for more information on CCAHT

“Childhood Sexual Abuse is a horrible crime that many of the homeless men and women who come to KARM try to cover up with drugs, alcohol and every other kind of
mind numbing addiction.  In the general public, 1 out of every 5 boys and 1 out of every 3 girls will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday (Mothers Against Sexual
Abuse statistics).  They suffer greatly from the confusion,  shame and pain caused by the betrayal of trust and authority that adults have with children, especially
relationships of family and friends (95% of children know the perpetrator).  Susan’s passion, personal experience, and extensive knowledge will raise your awareness
and help prevent and heal this frequently “secret suffering”.  I highly recommend “A Safe Place” Workshop for every parent, grandparent, pastor, teacher and everyone
else who is in a position to protect children from the devastation of Childhood Sexual Abuse.  We praise God for our partnership with SpeakingOut against Child Sexual
Abuse, Inc. in making our Knoxville community a safe place for all our citizens, especially our children.”
 ~Bruce Anderson, Director of Church Relations, Knox Area
Rescue Ministries (KARM), Knoxville, TN,

"Susan raises our awareness by presenting a balanced overview of the difficult topic of sexual abuse.  She balances reality statistics with personal stories;
seriousness with life-giving energy.  I recommend this workshop for parents and community leaders."  
~Dale Berry, PhD, Ebenezer Counseling Services, Knoxville,
TN (4/14/10 Workshop)  

"I have two wonderful children that I hold near and dear to my heart.  They are the first and last things I think about each day.  I would do anything for them to stay safe.  I
only wish every child had this luxury.  Even if I only help one child to never have someone abuse him or her; then I have accomplished something greater than any
degree or job could offer."
 ~Courtney Cagle, Ten Mile, TN

"Hello, my name is Stacey Deerwester and I am a student at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.  I am studying Sociology and in my junior year.  I had a
Community Organization assignment in my Human Sexuality class with Dr. Suzanne Hopf.  We had to get to know an organization dealing with sexuality, interview a
representative (I was lucky and got to speak to Susan herself!), and write a paper about what I learned and what SpeakingOut was all about.  In April, I will be presenting
this to my class and teach them about SpeakingOut.  Another way to spread awareness.  I found SpeakingOut on the internet.  After looking at many organizations, I was
kind of getting frustrated because I didn't really feel the passion about their causes.  I came across SpeakingOut and it really just spoke to me...the passion just poured
off of the pages.  A lot of organizations seemed to just want donations and really didn't say much about their cause...quite opposite from SpeakingOut.  SpeakingOut
showed so much more.  It teaches people a lot about what child sexual abuse really is and what we as adults need to do to prevent this from ever happening to our
kids and any kid.  I know I will continue to spread awareness after getting to know SpeakingOut!"
~Stacey Deerwester, Student, University of Louisville, KY, (3/2010
Community Organization Assignment)  
Click Here to Access Stacey's Paper for the Assigment

“I believe in what Susan is tackling - battling for the souls of our families by protecting children from their oppressors.  Somebody has to stand for justice with dignity
and focus."
 ~Terry Head, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, Baton Rouge, LA

"I am a parent of an abused child.  I used to feel that other people really didn't understand how I felt or what my family had been through.  That was until I met Susan
Suafoa-Dinino.  Susan is the most understanding, thoughtful person I have met.  Her ministry, SpeakingOut, is truly a God send and blessing to the children who have
been sexually abused, but also to their families who are struggling to cope with this horrific crime.  I pray that Susan will keep on keeping on and I pray that you will help
her by doing what you can to support her ministry.  Its time we stop pretending that child sexual abuse does not exist and come out of our closets and shine the light on
these crimes against children.  Together, we can hopefully put a stop to child sexual abuse and start helping families that have been broken begin to heal.  It takes all of
us.  I have heard this phrase and believe it to be true, " Without Him I can't, but without me He won't."  God wants all of us to reach out and help.  God Bless,"
, Sevierville, TN, (Christian Speaker & Author of "Blind, Burned and Living Against All Odds")

“Thank you to Ms. Susan Suafoa-Dinino for “speaking out” to our mentors about the prevalence of child sexual abuse.  We were enlightened by her personal story and
the facts she presented.  Her perspective versus law enforcement experts in the child welfare system made the problem real.  I recommend her organization to anyone
willing to learn about this horrendous crime.”   
~Charlane Oliver, MPA, AMACHI Knoxville Director/Knoxville Leadership Foundation, Knoxville, TN (4/28/09 Workshop)

"Susan, thank you so much for speaking out and standing up for our children.  Your workshop was very informative and it truly touched my heart.  I thought I knew a lot
on the subject of child abuse, but you gave tons of information I did not know.  What really touched my heart was the compassion I felt from your presentation that
allowed brave survivors of child abuse to speak up and share their stories.  Being an overcomer of child abuse, I know how hard it is for some to speak out and share,
but I'm glad that you set the atmosphere for us to do so.  I was molested at the age of 5 by a neighbor and then again by my sister's ex-husband.  I did not even know
what molestation was until I watched an Oprah show many years ago.  You inform, motivate and inspire others to take a stand and speak out on this issue and I'm so
glad that I was a part of the workshop.  Thanks again!"   
~Monica Ware, Knoxville, TN (3/26/09 Workshop)

"I have been a pastor for 32 years and I had an idea of sexual abuse in our society.  However, Susan's ministry has opened my eyes more.  I highly recommend her
seminar on "SpeakingOut." Susan's presentation of this seminar is highly professional and engaging. You will find the seminar informative, insightful, and inspiring,
and it will be a valuable aid in your work with sexual abuse."   
~Rev. Dr. Lee Wallace, Senior Pastor, First Church of God, Knoxville, TN (3/26/09 Workshop)

"I recently attended a workshop promoted by Susan Suafoa-Dinino, president and founder, of SpeakingOut - CSA ministries.  This ministry is dedicated to the unveiling
of the dark and evil activity of child sexual abuse.  Society has for too long ignored the immediate need of protecting the most vulnerable among us.  Thank God for what
He is doing through Susan and her staff to make people more aware of the staggering statistics and warning signs of abused children.  1 Corinthians 4:5 says that
when Jesus returns, He will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart.  Then each one will receive his commendation
from God.  Do not turn a deaf ear nor a blind eye to the cries and tears of the helpless victims of this horrific injustice.  I completely endorse the work of SpeakingOut -
CSA.  May God distribute to you His commendation for your active involvement in raising awareness of this evil, not His condemnation for your failure to care.  
~Dr. Don Jones, Executive Director, Resolve Ministries Biblical Counseling Center, Knoxville, TN (2/28/09 Workshop)

"Child sexual abuse is a terrible thing in today's society, but I was not aware of the frequency of such atrocities.  Ms. Suafoa-Dinino's "SpeakingOut" forum enlightened
me on this issue and what we, as parents and grandparents, must be doing to prevent future occurrences."  
~Charlie Wade, Knoxville, TN (2/22/09 TVUUC Social
Issues Forum)

"Susan has assembled a caring, passionate & committed team.  I would suggest that any parent, teacher or caregiver attend the workshop."   ~Donald, Knoxville, TN
(1/25/09 Workshop)

"I was really amazed to hear of the prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse - and across the spectrum of all socio-economic levels as well."   ~Clara Segars, Knoxville, TN
(1/25/09 Workshop)

"This workshop was immensely helpful!  Susan is an impassioned and gifted speaker.  This issue is just too important not to speak out about.  I would wholeheartedly
recommend that you schedule her for this seminar.  If one child in your area of influence will be spared this grief because of this workshop, then it will be more than
worth it!"  
 ~Richard M. Elseroad, Senior Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church, Knoxville, TN (11/6/08 Workshop)

"As a father and a child advocacy volunteer, I feel the need as well as the responsibility, to learn everything available to me to protect and educate our children.  Susan's
class was well researched and passionately presented.  I would encourage anyone who is given the opportunity to attend this class to do so as you may learn
something that will save or prevent a child from suffering this abuse.  Also, consider volunteering some of your time to help her in her mission to help all children."   
~Keith Black, Father, CASA Volunteer, Knoxville, TN (8/24/08 Workshop)

"The statistics presented at the workshop on child sexual abuse were startling.  The workshop is concise and well done and provides a voice on a subject that needs
both attention and dialogue."   
~David Allen, Knoxville, TN (6/22/08 Workshop)

“As a Preschool Director, it is crucial for me to provide pertinent and valuable training for my staff.  Susan’s workshop definitely met all of my expectations.  Her passion
and enthusiasm kept the attention of teachers who had already worked an 8 hour day with preschoolers… that is not an easy task!  
 ~Janet Kite, Executive Director,
Children’s Center of Knoxville, Inc., Knoxville, TN (6/2/08 Workshop)

"This workshop was excellent!  We learned the signs to look for regarding the changes in a child’s behavior.  The information was extremely valuable to a childcare
worker such as myself.  Working with very young children requires the knowledge of such a devastating occurrence in a child’s life.  I commend Susan for her
dedication and passion and on informing the public about this problem.”   
~Melinda Cloninger, Teacher, Children’s Center of Knoxville, Inc., Knoxville, TN (6/2/08

"The workshop that Susan presented to us was very helpful to me as a professional, working in childcare, and also spoke to me personally.  Susan gave me a lot of
support by telling her own story and the story of others.  She helped me to see how prevalent the problem is (more so that I thought) and gave some valuable ideas of
how to deal with children that have been victims.”  
 ~Shanda O’Neil, Teacher, Children’s Center of Knoxville, Inc., Knoxville, TN (6/2/08 Workshop)
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