Our Team
In Loving Memory of...

Susan Otto
from Phoenix, AZ
resided in Greeneville, TN
SpeakingOut Volunteer from March 7, 2008 - October 16, 2011
"Before I met Susan Suafoa-Dinino, I had no idea the numbers of children being subjected to
sexual abuse were so out of control... and growing higher every year.  I think it has been kept behind
closed doors far too long and I am looking forward to helping SpeakingOut against Child Sexual
Abuse, Inc. make people more aware of this most despicable crime against our future leaders!  
With your help, we can get it out in the open and break the cycle." -- Susan Otto

I met Susan Otto in October 2007 on an airplane.  I was headed to Hawaii for my oldest son's
wedding & Susan was headed to Arizona to visit her loved ones.  We just clicked and instantly
became friends.  Then in March 2008, Susan agreed to Volunteer for the non-profit organization I
was about to start up...SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc..  She really cared about
other people; especially children.  Susan continued to Volunteer until her passing.  I truly miss
Susan as not only a huge help to me and SpeakingOut, but as a very special & dear friend.  
Susan will not be forgotten.  
-- Susan Suafoa-Dinino (President/Founder)  

Picture on Left (August 6, 2011 Autism & Disability Awareness Event in Knoxville, TN)
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What Every Parent
Should Know
Susan Suafoa-Dinino
(President / Founder)
In the year 2000, I was faced with a very real issue in which I was
unfamiliar...the horrifying truth & reality of Child Sexual Abuse.  As
with the vast majority, I was naïve & uneducated on this topic.  I
began to research this horrific crime.  What I found was so
disturbing that I have never felt so helpless.  After many years of
research & dealing with this crime on a personal level, I decided
that it was time to spread the knowledge that I had obtained on
this crime.  My thinking was & is…what do we need to do to
prevent children from being sexually violated in the first place?  It
is my belief that awareness is the key.  It aids in prevention.
Every single day across America, countless numbers of children are sexually violated.  
And there are so many obstacles to overcome in order to help just one child, much
less the multitudes of sexually abused children.  The task seemed impossible once I
read the statistics and learned about the failures of the systems in place that are
supposed to protect children.  The truth is that we live in a fallen world in which many
children are robbed of their innocence by sexual predators.  And they prey on children
of all ages.  As a Mother & Grandmother, it is my belief that children should be loved
and cherished as the gifts from God that they are, but more often than you or I would
like to believe, they are molested, raped and/or exploited.  It sickens me to know what
children are going through.  My heart aches for these hurting children.  Most children
who are sexually violated will never tell anyone.   And the majority of children who
disclose are not being believed and/or protected by the system.  Many are put right
back in the hands of the abuser.  

I felt for a long time that I needed to do something; that I must speak up for these most
innocent of victims…children.  But I also felt that there was no way I could make a
difference.  Over time, I began to realize that I could no longer focus on what I cannot
change & began to focus on what can be done.  I believe whole heartedly that we can
help one child at a time by SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse; hence the name
of this organization.  We CAN make a difference!  Let’s “Speak up for those who cannot
speak for themselves...” (Proverbs 31:8).  The way I see it…it’s time to uncover this
hidden crime that thrives off of secrets & silence.  Let’s remove the obstacles of denial
& lack of education.  The safety of children depends on it.  By SpeakingOut against
Child Sexual Abuse, we can show the multitudes of hurting children that someone
does care, thus encouraging children to tell on their abuser.  In addition, we can begin
to take a more proactive approach to this crime by aiding in the prevention of it; doing
what it takes to stop it before children are violated.  And last but not least, we, as a
society, can send a
message to sexual predators of children.  We can reveal not only
what they do to children, but how they silence them.

I've found that the things that are most important in life require a lot of time, hard work,
endurance, sacrifice & dedication.  I am committed to do everything I can to help
children by SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse.  And we need you to get involved
as well.  These children need OUR help!  I hope & pray that you will find it in your heart
to join us in fighting against this horrific, ultimate violation of children.  Please keep in
mind that each statistic represents a real child.  Help us continue to work vigorously to
raise awareness & thus aid in the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in America.  Will
you join us?
Reverend Bruce Farrant
(Director / Board of Directors)
“When a child is sexually violated, it
contributes to the destruction of
their self-image, which can only
gently be restored through love,
hope & healing.”
Bridget Loland
(Director / Board of Directors)
“I choose to speak out against child
sexual abuse and rape because I want
to protect the innocent rather than the
guilty! Silence is the abusers greatest
weapon, but TRUTH is the greatest
power of the abused!"
( A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization)