Signs & Symptoms
of the Sexually Abused Child
Why Most Children Will More Than Likely Not Tell...
  • Fear (Being Threatened & Manipulated)

  • Love and/or Know the Person Abusing Them (Don't want their "loved one" to get into trouble; Want their Acceptance/Approval)

  • Shame

  • Embarrassment

  • Guilt

  • Lack of Understanding

  • Confusion

  • Blame Themselves

  • Have been taught to respect Adults (Authority Figures)

  • Thinks/Feels like everyone knows (That people can tell just from looking at them)

  • Don’t want to Upset a Loved One

  • To protect a loved one or pet from Abuse or Harm (i.e. Mom, Brother, Sister, Dog, etc...)

  • Don’t Think Anyone will Believe Them (That's what they are being told)

  • Fear of what a Loved One might do to the Abuser

  • Feel it is a Private Matter that should not be talked about

  • Think maybe its Normal; Happens to all Children

  • Knows its Abnormal; Feel Very Alone; Thinks a Highly Unusual Thing

  • They told someone once & was either not believed and/or not protected


For many children who do tell, they are either not believed and/or not   
protected.  Unfortunately, this in turn has the potential to shut down a
child about their abuse for a long time, if not permanently.  Why would
that child ever tell again?  Something to think about Adults!
How Do Sexual Abusers Silence Children...
America... A Safe Place for Children!
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"A Safe Place"

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By knowing all the reasons Why Most Children Will More Than Likely Not Tell Anyone.  Sexual Predators
(Child Molesters & Pedophiles alike) are likely to use some or all of the following methods...

  • Dominance
  • Intimidation
  • Manipulation
  • Threats
  • Instilling Fear

  • Gaining Child's Trust and/or Love
  • Playing on Emotional Needs of Child
  • Displaying Affection & Care
  • Offering Gifts
  • Playing Games & Being Fun

  • Brainwashing (aka Mind Control)
  • Etc...
The lack of
decision-making skills,
knowledge and abilities of
a Child (meaning Birth to
17 Years of Age) is what
Sexual Predators take
advantage of.
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