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America... A Safe Place for Children!
Speaking Engagements...

Susan Suafoa-Dinino, Public Speaker & President/Founder of SpeakingOut may be available as a "Guest Speaker"
for your group, church, event or meeting.  Contact us today to discuss Susan's availability & any potential cost or fees.
Also available for Interviews... TV, Radio, Blog Talk Radio, Newspaper, etc...
Set up of Information Table...

SpeakingOut may be available to set up an Information Table at your upcoming meeting or event.
Contact us today to check on our availability... and let us know the date, time, location & details of your event.
Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Workshops...

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“A Safe Place” Workshop
Presented by Susan Suafoa-Dinino, President/Founder of SpeakingOut

We call our Workhops “A Safe Place” as that is the goal.
America… A Safe Place for Children!

Purpose of Workshop
Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention
We also touch on Healing for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Presented from a Parent's perspective and in some areas, a Survivor's perspective

Length of Workshop
Interactive & Informative
Generally 4 Hours

Available Workshop Forums
1/2 Day (4 hours - includes 2 short breaks & light refreshments)
4 Week Series (1 hour per week)
2 Week Series (2 hours per week - includes short break each session)

All forums generally include door prizes at the end of the Workshop.

Certificate of Completion
Upon completion of workshop, all attendees will receive a signed, sealed Certificate of Completion...
Training Certificate for length of actual training hours... generally 3 hours

Check with your employer/group about the possibility of counting this training
toward your annual required training hours.

Major Topics of Discussion

Truth & Reality of Child Sexual Abuse
What Child Sexual Abuse Is/Is Not
The Statistics
Signs/Symptoms of the Sexually Abused Child
Information on the Abuser
Information on "The System”
Message to Parents on Prevention
Message to Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Workshop Fees & Group Rates
We try to keep our fees at a minimal per person rate with the intent to help offset the costs associated with putting on an interactive & informative workshop such as
this.  We charge only what is needed to help with printing costs, materials, etc… and refreshments when applicable.  We assure you the benefits of the workshop far
outweigh the costs as what we do is ultimately for the safety of children in America… a more than worthy cause & our responsibility as Adults.  If you have any
questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Individual Fee
Generally applies to Workshops that are open to the public.

$20 per person

Fees must be paid in advance at time of Registration & by the given Registration Deadline.

For those unable to afford the fee, please contact us for more information on possibly obtaining
a Full or Partial Scholarship.  We do not wish to turn anyone away if possible.

Group Rates
Many of our Workshops are Open to the Public, but we are also available to come to your facility (daycare, preschool, school, church, company, organization, etc...) to do
a Workshop specifically for your group, staff, teachers, employees, etc...   We have Group Rates available, regardless of the forum.  You may decide to pay the Group
Rate for your specific group or collect the fee from the individuals who plan to attend the workshop & use the money collected to pay SpeakingOut.  

$15 per person for groups of 5 - 9
($5 per person discount)

$12.50 per person for groups of 10 or more
($7.50 per person discount)

Fees must be paid in advance at time of Registration & by the given Registration Deadline.

Additional Fees may apply where travel & lodging are required by SpeakingOut
for your group and/or in your area.

Contact us today to schedule a workshop for your group!
Also be sure to periodically check our website for information on
already scheduled workshops… just click on “Events & Workshops”.

Click Here to Print Workshop Information & Cost Sheet

America… A Safe Place for Children!
Raising Awareness on Child Sexual Abuse in an effort
to Aid in the Prevention of this horrific crime...
All Across America!
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"A Safe Place"

Crash Course on the Crime
of Child Sexual Abuse
[Awareness & Prevention]

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