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  • "Joey Wants To Know" by Selena Smith
  • "Some Secrets Hurt" by Linda Kay Garner
  • "A Secret Safe to Tell" by Naomi Hunter
  • "Mattie Tells Her Secret" by Lynne McDaniel-Sanderson
  • "Childhood: It Should Not Hurt" by Claire R. Reeves, C.C.D.C.
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"A Safe Place"

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Should Know
"A book about a child who has an adult friend who
makes her feel a bit too special.  His touching makes her
frightened and confused.  It is only when she has the
courage to tell someone that her heart begins to heal.

This beautifully illustrated book encourages and
empowers children to speak up if someone is touching
them in a way that makes them uncomfortable.  Based
on personal experience, Hunter's book is a vitally
important resource for anyone who has children in their
care, including parents, teachers, counsellors, libraries
and schools."
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1st Quarter 2014

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"This is a book for parents, teachers
and therapists to read to children to
open the door to discussion about
sexual abuse in an appropriate
manner.  It will encourage children
that are being sexually abused to tell
someone that they feel is safe."
"A Guide For
Those Concerned
With Our
Children's Health
and Welfare"