Donate Used or Unwanted Equipment
America... A Safe Place for Children!
Donate Your Used or Unwanted Cell Phones, PDA's and/or Ink Cartridges
SpeakingOut is partnered with PhoneRaiser,
and because of this partnership...

You can support our cause just by Donating Your Used Cell Phones, PDA's and
Ink Cartridges, all while helping save the environment from toxic waste!  

By doing this, you will be giving old technology new life and keep it from polluting our landfills.  If improperly disposed of,
one cell phone can pollute up to 132,000 liters of drinking water.  Your unwanted Cell Phones, PDA's and Ink Cartridges will be recycled
in accordance with EPA regulations, or refurbished and reused.  

We are very excited about this recycling / fundraising program as it allows both you & SpeakingOut to assist in helping save the environment,
as well as potentially raising some funds for our cause.  Every dollar counts and helps us continue moving forward
with our Mission & Vision for SpeakingOut.

All Cell Phones & PDA's Accepted.
Please Note- We do need or accept chargers.

Most Ink Cartridges Accepted...
General Rule- Ink Cartridge should be no larger than the palm of your hand.

Call or Email Us Today...
We can make arrangements for your donation of used Cell Phones, PDA's and/or Ink Cartridges,
regardless of where you reside in the United States...
At No Cost To You.

We can be reached at 865-230-6059 or by email at

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