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Family Watch Dog
  • National Sex Offender Registry - FREE Search for your Area (Home & Child's School)
  • Info Available - Offender's Name, Picture, Address, Convictions & Physical Description
  • Sex Offender Count by State

United States Department of Justice
  • National Sex Offender Public Website- FREE Search in National Registry
  • State Registry Sites- FREE Search in State Registries

Child Lures Prevention
National Child Abuse Hotline
(800) 422-4453
  • Advocacy, Prevention, Treatment, Community Outreach & Medical Exams of Sexual Crime Victims
  • Hotline Counselors… The Hotline is staffed by degreed, professional counselors who are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  All calls are
    anonymous and toll-free.  Parents & Professionals, Push 1 to Talk to a Hotline Counselor.
  • List of Agencies by State… Designated to Receive and Investigate Reports of Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect; Go to ChildHelp’s website, click on “Get Help” &
    “Local Phone #s”.  The ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline IS NOT a Reporting Agency.

CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocates or
Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children
  • The key to remember is that these Child Advocates must be Court Appointed.  Once appointed, they spend time with the Child of suspected/ alleged abuse, as
    well as family members (home & school visits).  You may want to mention this to your Attorney, CPS, DHS or local organization.

New Life Ministries
Clinical Christian Psychologists
(800) New-Life
  • Network of approximately 900 Counselors
  • Sexual Abuse Victims & Survivors
Making Hope Happen For Survivors Everyday
(865) 964-6673

Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today
P.O. Box 1295
Easthampton, MA  01027
  • Severe Child Abuse, Ritual Abuse & Extreme Abuse in Group Settings
  • Resources, Links & Scientific Journal Articles
  • Annual International Conferences
  • Speakers available to make presentations
  • Free Bi-Monthly Email Newsletter
  • For Survivors, Co-Survivors of Ritual Abuse, Therapists & helpers on how to work with Ritual Abuse Survivors

National Human Trafficking Resource Center
National Human Trafficking Hotline
(888) 373-7888
  • Call the Hotline to report a tip, to connect with anti-trafficking services in your area or to request training & technical assistance, general information or specific
    anti-trafficking resources
  • Human Trafficking 101 - Click Here

Keeping Kids Safe on Facebook
  • Web-Based monitoring software app that offers non-invasive parental control and promotes only safety.  Proven to be effective against cyber bullying, predators
    and online danger.
Overcoming Sexual Victimization of Boys & Men

Act for Kids
Committed to the Prevention and Healing of Sexual Abuse and Family Trauma through Education and Treatment
(866) 348-KIDS (5437)
  • State-of-the-Art Resources & Techniques to impact the vital issue of Child Abuse
  • Books/Curricula, Brochures, Games and DVD/Videos/CD's
  • Resources available for all ages... Children to Adults, to include information for Parents.

National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
Recovery for Adult Survivors
  • Recovery for all types of Child Abuse, to include Childhood Sexual Abuse.
  • SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) Blog Talk Radio - 6 Nights a Week; Host: Bill Murray; Listen by Phone (646-595-2118) or via Internet (Chat Room available also)
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