Message to Parents on Prevention
What Every Parent Should Know...
Child Safety Begins At Home!
You may be thinking... “That could never happen to my child”.  Unfortunately & as statistics show, Child Sexual Abuse does happen & it
happens often to countless numbers of children... the most innocent and helpless of victims.  I urge you to think about this… these
“statistics” are made up of real children of all ages.

Never assume that just because you know where your child is & who they are with, that this could not
happen to them.

Child Sexual Abuse can happen ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, TO ANY CHILD!    
95% of Children who are Molested/Raped/Exploited know the person abusing them & in many cases, love & trust that person.

Never assume that if this happens or is happening to your child that they would tell you.  

Sexual Predators know how to silence children.  And as a Parent, your understanding of this horrific crime is imperative for your
child's safety.
1) Learn all that You can...

Get Educated on the Crime of Child Sexual Abuse...  There are many resources out there available on the web & possibly in your local area.  This website is also a
wonderful resource.  In addition, the primary purpose of our interactive Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Workshops is to help others begin the learning
process on the crime of Child Sexual Abuse.... a crash course, if you will.  For those of you already familiar with this crime and/or who have dealt with this crime on a
personal level, our workshops offer a refresher from a somewhat different perspective, are designed to bring this issue/crime to the forefront of your mind & may even
offer assistance to Adult Survivors; a tiny step on the path to healing.  We call our Workshops “A Safe Place” as that is the goal… America - A Safe Place for Children!  
Knowledge on this topic is power & will give you the tools needed to educate your own child.   
Be sure to click on "Events & Workshops" for more information.

Continue Education / Keep Up-To-Date... Unfortunately, as society becomes more educated on sexual predators of children, this in turn means that these violators of
innocent children are constantly looking for new ways to get to children.

Familiarity with the Internet & Cell Phones... Pay attention to what your Pre-Teens & Teens are doing these days.  Many times, they are unknowingly endangering
themselves.  In addition, be sure to stay up-to-date on what sexual predators of children are doing through these avenues.

2) Talk to Your Child...

We talk to our children about many other things… Importance of education, dangers of drugs & alcohol, etc... We may even mention to our little ones that no one
should ever touch their private parts & we assume that if anyone ever did, that our child would tell us.  We must go deeper than that.  In addition, we teach our children
to "never talk to strangers".  The problem with stopping there is that 95% of children who are Sexually Abused knows their abuser.  These sexual predators are not
strangers in most cases.  We  fear and are certain that by not talking to children specifically about Sexual Abuse, Parents may be unknowingly enabling their child to be
"easy prey" for many Sexual Predators.    

You cannot protect your child from Sexual Abuse without talking to them... specifically about Rape, Incest, Molestation & Exploitation; at an age-appropriate level of
course.  Children need to know the dangers out there.  They need to know that if this happens or is happening to them, that they can come to you.  They need to know
that no matter who may be doing this to them, that you will believe them.  They need to feel safe to "tell" on their Abuser.

Most children are sexually abused & silenced by someone they know and far too many, by someone they love & trust.  A child is generally very trusting of those in
authority over them.  This in turn makes a child the most vulnerable of all victims. The younger the child, the more trusting.  Abused children of all ages do keep this
secret in an overwhelming number of cases.  Please understand this.  In addition, explain to your child that although they are generally expected to respect adults &
authority, that there are exceptions to that rule.  
So What Can YOU, as a Parent, Do?
1 out of 5 Boys will be Sexually Abused
by their 18th Birthday

1 out of 3 Girls will be Sexually Abused
by their 18th Birthday

According to MASA (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse)
Factors to Consider when Talking to Your Child...
  • Age of Child
  • Maturity of child
  • Personality of child

Parents Know Their Child Better Than Anyone...
  • Exception in some instances... Childcare Providers
  • Extremely Important...  Communication between Parents and Childcare Providers &

Utilize Available Resources
  • Be sure to click on "Resources" for more information
  • Also be sure to search the web for other helpful information

Seek Professional Help, if needed, prior to talking to your Child
  • Don't hesitate to seek advice / guidance from others experienced on this topic.

Talk About In Small Bits, But Often
  • Repetition = Retention

Additional  Information
  • Every child is different, so what works for one child will not necessarily work for another
    child; even a same-age child.
  • Examples of concepts you can use when talking to your child... Safe/Unsafe Touches;
    Good/Bad Touches; Appropriate/Inappropriate Touches
  • Use a Child's Swim Suit area as a starting point, but do keep in mind that the "swim
    suit area" does not incorporate all parts of the child's body that can be violated and/or
    used to force the child to perform acts on their abuser.

Open Up Communication Line; Not to Instill Fear
According to Child Lures Prevention

What To Do If Your Child
Discloses Sexual Abuse
"The World is a
dangerous place to
live, not because of
the people who are
evil, but because of
the people who
don't do anything
about it..."

Albert Einstein
America... A Safe Place for Children!
Learn All that You Can
Talk to Your Child
Minimize the Risk
Look for Warning Signs
Know Your Child’s Surroundings
Inquire about Safety Precautions Taken by Others
Know/Remember the Statistics
Tell Others
Break the Cycle in Your Family
3)  Minimize the Risk..

The more you know about this crime and the perpetrators...  The more you will know how to minimize the risk for your child.

Then raise awareness with your child... open up the communication line on this sensitive topic.

Try to avoid one-on-one situations with adults (and even older children) for your child... whenever possible.


4)  Look for Warning Signs

Know what Child Sexual Abuse is/is not

Know the Signs/Symptoms of the Sexually Abused Child

Know the Abusers/Perpetrators of children…
- Statistics
- gaining access to children
- Grooming
- How they silence children (manipulation, threats, etc…)

5)  Know Your Child's Surroundings..

Childcare Facility / Daycare Providers
Other Groups / Activities

Utilize Online Resources – Sex Offender Registries; National & Statewide Searches
Check with local Authorities on information they may have available as well – By City
Ask for References & Follow Through
Background Checks – Online & Other; even if for a fee.  Your Child is worth it!

6)  Inquire about Safety Precautions taken by Others..

Don't be Shy... this is Your Child's Safety we're talking about.

Again... School, Childcare Facility/Daycare Provider, Church, Other Groups/Activities, etc...
Background Checks
Safeguards they have in place

7)  Know & Remember the Statistics...

Reality... These Statistics represent Real Children.

An Important Statistic - 95% of Children who are Sexually Abused know their abuser & in many cases, love and trust that person.

8)  Tell Others...

The more Parents who are aware of the reality & possibility of Child Sexual Abuse, and the more Children who know the dangers, the Safer our Children will
be… All Children.

It’s time we send a message to those who prey on Innocent Children by… SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse!  

At SpeakingOut, it is Not our Intent to raise panic; rather to Raise Awareness in an effort to aid in the Prevention of this horrific crime against innocent children of all

Every One Child Matters!  Spread the Word; Save a Child!
Family Watch Dog
Sex Offender Registry
(FREE Search)

Search Here
United States
Department of Justice
National Sex Offender
Public Website
(FREE Search)

National Search
Search by State
9)  Break the Cycle in Your Family...

About "Family Secrets"...

  • It is our responsibility as Adults to Stop the abuse of Children within our own families
  • Denial helps no one; especially the Child
  • Family Secrets hurt Children; the most innocent of family members
  • To Protect one "loved one" with a secret such as this = the harming of an Innocent Child or
    Children (possibly your own child or a child you know... horrible violation of any child)
  • If you are aware of and/or suspect abuse & don't act, you become an Accomplice
  • Child Sexual Abuse is not a family matter… IT IS A CRIME!
  • Generational Issue/Crime can Stop with you
  • Your embarrassment is not as important as your Child’s Safety
  • It’s Not About You; it’s about your Child or Grandchild
  • You Must Step Up & Speak Out
  • Have the Courage to break the cycle in your family

To Break the Cycle, you may experience…

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Rejection from those you love, as well as others
  • You May Not even be Believed
  • Lack of Support
  • Loss of a relationship with someone you care about and/or love; the Abuser
  • Persecution from family members, "the system" & others
  • Etc...

Understand that what you may have to experience is Only a Small Taste of what your Child or
Grandchild is going through & feeling…  and it Just Does Not Compare.
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"A Safe Place"

Crash Course on the Crime
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National Child Abuse Hotline
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It's Bad Enough Children are Violated...
 But Did You Know?

  • A large % of Children who are being violated will remain silent about their abuse.

  • For the Children who do disclose, many are not being believed by their loves ones & others.

  • Only a small % of Child Sexual Abuse cases are ever reported.

  • And the majority of reported cases will never see a courtroom.

  • Far too many cases of Child Sexual Abuse wind up in Family Court; rather than Criminal Court.  Child Sexual Abuse (Rape, Molestation, Incest &
    Exploitation) is NOT a family matter… It is a Crime!

  • In far too many cases, the Reporting (Non-Offending) Parent is persecuted and in some cases prosecuted for speaking up and trying to protect their

  • More often than anyone would like to believe, Children are being taken from the Reporting (Non-Offending) Parent and custody is being given to the
    Abusive Parent.

  • Many, Many times, the Abuser is protected and the child continues to suffer.  This leaves the Child in the position where they may be violated repeatedly;
    sometimes over the course of many years.

  • It is estimated that 95% of Children who are sexually abused know the person abusing them, and in far too many cases, loves and trusts that person.

  • The majority of those who violate innocent children tend to average multiple Child Victims.

  • Justice May Never Come for the Child who has been sexually abused.

  • First and Foremost, the most innocent of all Victims… Children… are Suffering!  

                    Every One Child Matters… What if that One Child were YOUR Child?
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"10 Tips for Keeping Children Safe from Predators"
by Jill Starishevsky @
“Child molesters no longer need to hang out at playgrounds and shopping malls,
because they have 24/7 access to children in their bedrooms,”
said U.S. Attorney Rod J.
“If you let your child use a computer, smartphone, iPod, or any type of
Internet-connected device without adult supervision, your child is in danger.”   
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