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We Can Make A Difference in the Lives of Children,
as well as in the lives of Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse!

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America... A Safe Place for Children!
"The World is a
dangerous place to live,
not because of the people
who are evil, but because
of the people who don't
do anything about it..."

Albert Einstein
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Crash Course on the Crime
of Child Sexual Abuse
[Awareness & Prevention]

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Susan Suafoa-Dinino,
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SpeakingOut available for...

  1. Speaking Engagements
  2. Child Sexual Abuse
    Workshops called "A
    Safe Place"

SpeakingOut also available

  • Setting up an Information
    Table at Eventsrmation]
This item was given to SpeakingOut in December 2011
by a 17 Year Old Boy who stated…
“I’m donating this to your organization from me.”

Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

the appropriate and healthy kind of Love.

Peace… to live in a world where bad things don’t happen to children.

Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart…
You know who you are!

Susan Suafoa-Dinino (President/Founder)
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"The World is a dangerous place to live, not
people who don't do anything
about it..."

Albert Einstein