Information on "The System"
What We Mean By "The System"...
Law Enforcement, The Court System, Child Protective Services, Court Appointed Psychologists, Therapists, Pediatricians, Medical Examiners, etc…  

(Basically any/all individuals or groups involved within the process when someone tries to get protection for a child to prevent further sexual abuse, as well as to seek
justice when it comes to the abuser of the child.)

Point to Consider...  
Both Law Enforcement & the Legal/Court System are very limited in what they can do about Child Sexual Abuse until after an allegation has been made.  At that
point, the Child has already been violated!  
The Statistics...
Only 25% of all Child Sexual Abuse cases are ever reported.
5% of those will never go to Court
50% of those Children will be returned to the alleged Abuser

According to MASA (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse) @
  • Child won’t tell or will only tell certain people...those whom they trust

  • Child doesn't tell the right person at the right time

  • Child’s story is inconsistent and/or bizarre

  • Little to No physical evidence

  • What evidence is/was there will not be there for long… children’s bodies heal quickly; very resilient

  • Just one person within the process doesn't’t really believe the child

  • Personal Bias of those in "the System"

  • Not enough time spent with the child

  • Child Sexual Abuse minimized; looked at by some as not as harmful as physical abuse... visible signs

  • Hands are tied with little to nothing to really work with

  • Work/Case load (Understaffed and Overworked)

  • Takes so much time to prove

  • Accused Person’s Attorney/side works to prove the non-offending parent is unfit and/or just being vindictive... just quickly turns it all around

  • Connections & Influence (Truth vs. Who You Know)

  • Unfortunately, there are times that not everyone within this whole process is a person of morals & integrity

  • The Protective Parent (generally the Mother) is upset & may come across as unstable, while the Abuser is calm… child abusers are master manipulators

  • Periodically, someone (i.e. Parent) falsely accuses someone else as a way of being vindictive.  These false allegations ruin it for the legitimate Protective
    Parent or Parents that are trying to get protection for their child.

  • Occasionally, a child (i.e. Teenager) falsely accuses someone of sexual abuse.  These false allegations ruin it for all of the children who really are being
    sexually abused.

  • Extensive training needed; More specialized training

  • Many times, the court system treats an allegation of Child Sexual Abuse in the same manner as a custody battle... Family Court vs. Criminal Court.  Child
    Sexual Abuse is a Crime; not a family matter.
The Point...
First & Foremost, Awareness & Prevention is for the Child’s Sake

Cannot tell who the Abusers are...
(Click on "The Sexual Abuser" for more information)

May or May Not be able to get Legal Protection
for the Child that is being or has been Sexually Abused...

Justice May Never Come…

Possibility of Repeated Abuse and/or More Child Victims…

"The System"...  a Chain of Events with many Complex Links.  Most people
who work within "the system" are good, caring people with a sincere heart
for children & child safety… many people working hard to help child victims,
who spend their lives/careers working to make a difference.
When the system works, it works well.  However, there are so many places in which "the system"
can break down
.  When this breakdown occurs, children are placed right back in the hands &
sometimes in the homes of the person sexually abusing them.
 Far too often, the Abuser is
protected & the Child continues to suffer.  Many times, the protective, non-abusive parent(s) is
persecuted and in some cases, prosecuted for speaking up & trying to protect their child.
How/Why this Breakdown Occurs...
Non-Offending Parents...
Email from Claire Reeves of MASA
(March 2005)
Subject: CHILDHOOD-It Should Not Hurt! Prevention – Part IV

"Non-Offending parents of children who have been sexually abused are the most maligned innocents in our family and juvenile courts. Our children are not
believed and their protective parents are not believed that the sexual abuse happened.  Too many children across the country
are being court ordered to live with the accused parent.  This is legalized child abuse."
Recommended Book...
Be sure to click on "Resources" for information on a Recommended Book called "CHILDHOOD: It Should Not Hurt!" by Claire Reeves of MASA.  This book
goes pretty in-depth on the crime of Child Sexual Abuse & "The System".
"Studies show that Incest alone affects 100,000 children each year"

According to Donna L. Friess in her Quote as a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse
on the back of Claire Reeves' book called "CHILDHOOD: It Should Not Hurt!"
"The World is a dangerous place to live,
not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people
who don't do anything about it..."

Albert Einstein
America... A Safe Place for Children!
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