“Speak up for those who cannot
speak for themselves…”
(Proverbs 31:8)
SpeakingOut on behalf of all children who have ever been
(child & adult survivors), are being or will be sexually abused.

Coming Together as Leaders in our Homes, our Churches & the Community
to address the issue of Child Sexual Abuse in America.
Our Primary Purpose... To Raise Awareness on Child Sexual Abuse in an effort to Aid in
Prevention.  We are not a Reporting Agency, nor do we offer Legal Advice.

Our Intent... It is NOT our intent to raise panic; rather to Raise Awareness.  

Our Primary Focus... On the Home (Parents & Grandparents).  Child Safety begins at Home.

Other Focal Points... Churches, Daycares/ Caregivers, Schools, Healthcare Professionals &
Anyone who works with or around children.  

Our Approach... To be proactive; Prevent & Stop Child Sexual Abuse before it happens.  
Presented from a Parent's Perspective & in some areas, a Survivor's Perspective.
SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. (aka
is working to uncover and reveal the hidden crime of Child
Sexual Abuse.  Every single day across America
& the world, countless
numbers of children of all ages (birth to 17 years of age) are being
violated.  Statistics show that this crime is very real & more rampant than ever in
today’s society.   
against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.
SpeakingOut is also working vigorously to remove two of the greatest obstacles in protecting children from Sexual Abuse…Denial and Lack of Education.  Another
obstacle we are working to eliminate...   Becoming Desensitized to this crime (especially amongst those who work with or around this crime daily).  We must avoid
this scenario.  There are REAL Children out there that need our help.  Child Sexual Abuse is everyone's problem, and it will take everyone fighting this fight to aid in
the prevention of this horrific crime.  As we raise public awareness by educating all who will listen, we are working to break down the barrier of denial and thus
foresee that society will play a huge role in raising awareness; ultimately aiding in prevention.  Children deserve no less from us.  
( A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization)
It is our belief that, in most cases, Parents are not educated on this topic until after a child has been
sexually abused.  And “the systems” in place that are supposed to protect children from sexual abuse
can only do so much until after an allegation of Child Sexual Abuse has been made.  At that point, the
child has already been violated.  SpeakingOut is working proactively to change the order of when
parents, caregivers, etc… get educated on this topic.  We are working to create a paradigm shift in
society’s thinking about Child Sexual Abuse.  We must change the way we approach this topic.  The
point is to get educated before a child is violated, so that we have a better chance of protecting
children from this crime in the first place.    
Child Sexual Abuse is a very sensitive topic (we completely understand that) and not something most people want to talk about or think about.  However, by not
talking about Child Sexual Abuse, we as a society, make it very easy for sexual predators of children to do what they do.  Consider this… Children who are violated in
this horrific way have no choice but to think about it & in most cases will not tell anyone.  These children suffer alone.
 It is imperative for the safety of  children… all
children, that we talk openly in our homes and publicly about this crime.  

It is not our intent to raise panic; rather to Raise Awareness in an effort to aid in the Prevention of this horrific crime committed
against children.

1 out of 6 Boys will be Sexually Abused
by their 18th Birthday

1 out of
4 Girls will be Sexually Abused
by their 18th Birthday
Children in America...
In addition, it is estimated that...

  • A child is Sexually Abused every 2 minutes

  • 1 in 10 homes are involved in Child Sexual Abuse; a leading cause of
    Child Prostitution and Teen Suicide

Child Sexual Abuse = Rape, Incest, Molestation & Exploitation

SpeakingOut is working to uncover this hidden crime
and encourage society to no longer sweep this issue under the rug.
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America... A Safe Place for Children!
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Estimated that 90 - 95% of
who are sexually
abused know the
ing them, and in many
cases, loves & trusts that person.
Susan Suafoa-Dinino,
President/Founder of
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The Bottom Line...
Once a Child's Innocence is Stolen from them, it cannot be given back.  It's that simple.
Child Sexual Abuse in any form is a horrific crime committed against the most innocent of all victims... Children.
It is the Ultimate Violation & Betrayal of any Child.
It's Bad Enough Children are Violated...
But Did You Know?

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SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.
aka SpeakingOut

(Founded March 7, 2008)

America & the World... A Safe Place for Children!

Isn't that the Goal?
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The Crime of Child Sexual Abuse
Thrives off of Secrets & Silence

Help us change this by SPEAKINGOUT AGAINST CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE!  Together, we can make a difference...for the Children!
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children of all ages
being raped,
molested and/or